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Welcome to the Husky Zone! Below you will find information about POLARCTICA, a Siberian husky kennel located in Lodz, in the very heart of Poland.

We are breeding from the hearth of Poland!
We are breeding from the hearth of Poland!

What is Polarctica?
- a home kennel, where dogs are fully-fledged members of the family that share our home and are not locked away in pens, while puppies are raised at home and socialized from day one;
- a specialist kennel that specializes in only one breed of sled dogs, i.e. Siberian husky;
- an amateur kennel, which is our passion, not profession or source of income.

If you would like to live with a Siberian husky too, then you have found the right place. Come to our kennel and we will help you pick your new four-legged friend :)
All puppies are socialized from the first days of their lives. They are vaccinated, wormed and they have health and pedigree certificates. The puppy can be taken home once it reaches the age of 7 weeks.

If you are thinking about ADOPTION of the husky from Poland write ! I am cooperating with the service Bezdomne Szpice/ Homeless Spitz. I will help you to find the dog.


Our goal is to breed dogs according to the FCI standard so that they are later awarded at dog shows and become excellent sled dogs, i.e. dogs that want to compete in sled races and are anatomically and psychologically prepared to pull sleds.
We make sure that the dogs we breed are healthy and have an excellent exterior and mental condition, allowing them to prove their worth in different types of dog sled sports.

New Year's skijoring


Sled dogs have been a part of our lives since 2003, when we got a long-awaited white-and-gray puppy called AJAKS THE WARRIOR Fortunatus from one of the oldest Siberian husky kennels in Poland and the 2001 and 2002 Siberian Husky Kennel of the Year, Fortunatus.

Since 2003, I have been a member of the Lodz chapter of the Polish Kennel Club. In 2004, I participated in my first sled dog race. I am now a licensed competitor representing the Polish Mushing Association (sled dog racing and bikejoring license no. 281/06). I trained and entered races with many huskies as well as Siberian huskies of show ring fame. I try to race at least several times per season. However, the times, the results or the championship points are not the most important. What really counts to me is the everyday life with huskies – active dogs that require attention, exercise and occupation...

Klick and see Husky Farm
Husky Farm

Rovaniemi, Finland

As a member of the “Stake-out” Mushing Club, I helped Jacek Kubinski organize a sled dog race titled “Na Tropie Zubra...” in Spala, in 2006 and 2007. In 2007 and 2008, together with the “Arturowek” Runners Club, I co-organized a canicross series called Grand Prix Arturowka (Bieg Swietojanski, Bieg Lata, Swiatowy Dzien Biegania). In 2009, the third edition of the Lodz Open Dog Race Championship, organized by me, became a part of the Karnak Cup (Lodz Canicross Cup), organized by Negro-Team.

All these activities are aimed at popularizing active leisure with dogs and making people aware of what northern dog breeds need.

Mushing and sled dogs are my hobby, which I also made the hobby of my entire family. Although they do not compete in races, they now understand my “eccentricity” :) Like me, they love huskies, they are fascinated by the unique mentality of these dogs and they accept huskies’ needs. My dad made me a scooter and a baggage cart for Szaman (similar to a pulk). See more: sport
I am interested not only in sled dog breeding, but I also have other passions – sports, music, traveling...
I am supported by Majk, a triathlonist competing in running events and cycling marathons, a member of the Lodz flying club (parachute unit), a Nordic walking instructor and a semi-finalist of the 1st edition of National Geographic Traveler Adventure Team.

Camping New Year ‘ s EveTreking in the mountains
New Year's camping; Treking in the mountains


Thanks to the Dogs of the North, I found true friends – Ala, and Piotr Kaczmarek. Thank you guys for all the trainings, trips to competitions and help with organizing races!

Ala and Piotr with Brutus, Snooker and my Shaman.
Ala and Piotr with Brutus, Snooker and my Shaman.

Malwina is an invaluable helper when it comes to preparing dogs for shows and during trips to dog events. Jacek, a musher through and through – “Behind the Horizon” ;) Before he emigrated for good, he had helped me explore my sled dog passion.
Tomek, Lukasz, Emilia and Przemek are great companions during trainings and shows. Over these several years, I have met people who share my passion as well as many dog lovers. It is good to know that I can count on their understanding and support.

One of the reasons why our dogs are healthy and beautiful is the Canadian premium food for active dogs – NUTRAM, distributed by Jacek Robak, mobile: +48 601-877-520.

Veterinary care is provided by veterinarians Agnieszka and Aleksander from “4 Lapy” animal clinic, 14 Ciołkowskiego Street, Lodz

BILLY JEAN Polarctica
BILLY JEAN Polarctica


Husky is not the right dog for everyone. However, it fits my life perfectly. If it was not husky, it would surely be a dog of another active and tough breed, a faithful companion for cycling trips: perhaps a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, White Swiss Shepherd Dog, Bohemian Shepherd, German Shepherd Dog, Belgian Shepherd Dog Malinois, or maybe a dog from an animal shelter? As a “dog nanny” and a participant of various dog shows, I always come to the conclusion that I made the right decision. Husky is my choice for life.

Best regards,

Małgorzata Krzemińska


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